Lauren Primiano, Managing Partner

Lauren Primiano is an experienced venture capitalist, high-growth startup operator and executive. Her combined experience, tenacious nature and business savvy give her a strong foundation from which she successfully leads complex projects, drives business growth and overcomes challenges.

Lauren possess a unique balance of public- and private-sector experience. Most recently, Lauren was recruited by a Hawaii-based IT seed venture fund to develop investment opportunities in the Hawaii market, and since has taken over as the general partner of the fund, where she works to drive and maximize value of the portfolio’s investments.

Her public-sector background comes from serving as a staff member of the Hawaii State Legislature, as well as a member of the Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation’s (HSDC) two-person team managing a venture capital fund of funds program for the state of Hawaii. Her time at HSDC as a limited partner in venture funds gave Lauren a meaningful insight on limited partner-relations.

Lauren also belonged to multiple startup teams, including high-growth venture-backed companies, in areas from medical device to pharmaceutical to cloud-based products. Lauren helped spin-out and found a pharmaceutical startup that negotiated a unique assignment agreement with the technology owner. Lauren continues to support promising startups as a strategic advisor and mentor, and enjoys asking “tough questions” and strategizing through tough issues with founders.

Lauren draws from her collective experience in order to promote innovation and venture capital to public and private stakeholders, and she has been an active contributor to growing Hawaii’s startup community. She is well known by the leaders of the business community and local government, and leverages her relationships to perpetuate the vision of a Startup Paradise in Hawaii.

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