Reef Capital Ventures is a venture capital firm investing capital and infusing expertise to bring Hawaii’s grant-funded R&D innovations to commercial markets.

Central to our mission is the knowledge that Hawaii is home to innovative technologies and businesses with global market potential. These opportunities are fueled by the R&D projects that attract hundreds of millions of dollars into the state each year, and resident world-class scientists and engineers drawn to Hawaii’s high quality of life.

Our team has extensive experience in launching, operating and investing in innovative startup businesses. We’re attentive and engaged investors who aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves where and when we can add value. This includes leading investment rounds and structuring deals to attract other professional investors, as well as being a sounding board and providing guidance on business issues. We augment our core competencies by leveraging our network of experts, who are leaders in their respective fields.

Our vision is to empower Hawaii-based innovative technology businesses by investing seed capital and expertise, and supporting the development of Hawaii’s vibrant and robust entrepreneurial environment.

We are currently seeking investment opportunities to bring Hawaii-based innovations to market. Checkout our investment criteria and get in touch with us!